Founded in 2012, Shine Technocrats is a consulting company specializing in engineering and IT project consulting and moreover it has focused to infrastructure development and socio-economic studies.

Shine Technocrats is committed to provide consulting and training services in the fields of engineering project, IT, software, construction and techniques for the potential clients.


 Client/Service Oriented.

 Smart Creativity.

 Technical Excellence and Innovations.

Organization and Management Structure of Shine Technocrats Pvt. Ltd. The company has been established as a broad based multi disciplinary organization. It has a group of professionals – fully qualified with skills and intelligence. As a service-oriented firm, it ensures the top priority, in accordance to the interest of the client at all times. In addition, it aims to maintain a high standard of performance and technical excellences.

Commitments for Code of Ethics

We hereby declare our firm’s commitment to abide by the appropriate professional code of ethics suitable to engineering and management consulting practice. In particular, we assure you to abide by the following

  • Commitments of our firm to provide highest level of professional services to the best satisfaction of the Client,
  • Commitment to observe highest level of ethics at all stages of procurement and implementation of the consulting services.
  • Commitment to abide by the requirement by Nepal Government to observe highest level of ethics.

Commitments for Adherence to Anticorruption Policy We hereby declare our firms Commitment to adhere to the anti corruption policy suitable to procurement and implementation of the consulting services and Refrain ourselves from the corrupt and fraudulent practices that are not acceptable in the profession.